Inner Warrior Fitness Classes



Kickboxing in Oakville is suitable for people all fitness and experience levels. This class will push you out of you comfort zone and into your AWESOME zone. High energy, pumping music, and REAL kickboxing techniques and combos will have you dying to come back!

Fitness in Oakville

Fight & Flex Boxing

This class is the perfect mix of Boxing skills and Strength Training. Combining both of these aspects of fitness will increase your ability levels exponentially. Hit the bags hard for the first half of class, then finish off with our strength training circuit for the second half. Watch as you gain strength, build muscle, and increase your cardio endurance.

Fight & Flow Boxing

Ok, can we be real for a second? You might think you're too tough for Yoga, but Yoga ain't for softies. This class will have you begging for a mat to lay down on. We've developed a hardcore 40min Boxing workout followed by a 20min deep Yoga flow. Trust us, you'll be shaking all the way home tough guy!

Total Body Warrior

This bootcamp style class will take you through a total body workout integrating free weights, body weight, and cardio exercises. The routine changes every class so you and your body never get bored. EVERYONE can do this class. Modifications are given to increase or decrease intensity as needed. You don't know what you can do until you try! 

Our Message

Our classes are suitable for all fitness and experience levels.

Show up, you'll never regret it.

Do your best and you'll always be further ahead in the gym than on the couch.

We're with you every step of the way.